Designing for Financial Enterprise



Investor Management Services (IMS) is a financial tech company that helps commercial real estate (CRE) owners manage their investors, amounting to over $16B in equity. Within a year of joining the company, IMS more than doubled its annual revenue to $2.5M. 


UI/UX designer, responsible for the ideation, user experience, and look and feel for several features on our B2B and B2C platforms, on both web and mobile. 

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(1) Define requirements based on user feedback and stakeholder and subject-matter expert meetings

(2) Design concepts for presentation and usability testing

(3) Refine, handoff to dev, and test with QA.



Defining requirements, stakeholder meetings, design ideating, wireframing, mockups, prototyping, usability testing, documentation, presentation, iteration


Tools Used

Lucidchart, Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Atlassian Jira and Confluence



Gave biweekly design inspiration talks, advocated for competitive practices in design, pursued side projects that inspired a refresh of the app UI



Feature Case Study

Tailoring investment data for the summary and detailed view.

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As our investment management platform grew, we began to see that our users' definition of an investment was changing. An investment was not a one-time contribution by a single individual, but rather an aggregation of contributions made by multiple individuals over time, dynamic and nuanced. I was tasked with the design for this feature.


User Needs

Balance of power and flexibility - Users needed to be able to view the aggregate investment, but also be able to dive into the detailed breakdown of contributions and take action if necessary.



Preserving granularity - At the time, the feature was internally called 'consolidation', as a representation of our original solution - consolidating contributions that belonged to a single investment. The trick was consolidating without losing contribution-level details and actions.

Limited screen real estate - This prevented us from significant UI additions, including nested tables or expanding/collapsing panels.

Many entry points - We used business and user feedback to consider several entry points, some as complex as:

What if a sponsor of a development deal (investment with multiple contributions) wants to split the investment between his three children? How would we handle, without true consolidation, the allocation of the investment along with the details that go along with it?



Our solution was to provide a new path for viewing the breakdown of contributions inside an investment, while preserving all actions that were previously possible. Instead of consolidation, we would provide a grouped view of contributions within an investment. We recycled our existing UI components when we could.

Being that we had 9-to-5 users of our platform for years, our design reflected a continuity of the existing platform. We wanted to make the new feature feel like a seamless, natural evolution of the current platform.

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The final product was released in Q1 2017 to all of our existing clients. It was met with enthusiasm, especially from those of our clients who could more easily match our platform with their mental model of their investments.


High-Level Process

My first steps was to define requirements based on user feedback and meetings with stakeholders and subject matter experts. 

Once requirements were defined, I would begin concepting designs, with prototypes to present to the company and iterate from.


After usually several iterations, I would have a finalized design with documentation to handoff to our developers. I would then work with the dev and QA team through implementation, testing alongside them.


Creating a culture for design inspiration

  • Maintained library of resources for design inspiration

  • Gave biweekly design talks


Creating onboarding materials to guide users through an application

Owned the design for the first mobile application in commercial real estate technology

Additional Features

A sample of additional features I did at IMS where I was the primary designer.